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Perhaps Algeria is not one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. So what? In truth, it has some sights that are worth the journey anyway. Rent a car and explore all Algeria in total freedom. On you can find the right low­cost solution for your needs. Algeria might be shy in boasting its natural sights, but this does not imply that they are less than superlative. Its beaches are enshrined in immaculate wild areas. If this is not enough, then what about the Sahara Desert? Does not this make you thrill in thought of an Algeria visit? This country has also been blessed by a dozen national parks, among which the Tassili Cultural Park is especially interesting. Located in southeastern Algeria, it covers thousands of acres and displays numerous rock engravings that testimony of the millenary human presence in the region. The Ahaggar National Park is instead located in the Hoggar Mounts (Algeria’s southernmost end) and abounds in archaeologically valuable sites. The Algerian part of the Sahara desert offers many opportunities for trekking and for camel rides. The Bedouins will guide you in the heart of the desert and, with their proverbial hospitality, will host you in their tents. They will then tell stories from the ancestral knowledge of this fascinating, hostile, and uncanny desert. While you are amidst infinite sand, they will guide you to an oasis to let you discover how splendid a Sahara starry night can be. Hiking lovers can instead bless the Kabylia Mounts in the north. Conversely, the extended coasts hands the tourist an unpolluted natural batch of crystalline beaches. Algerian culture will also be at hand at the typical open­air markets or by attending the many local festivals, especially in the city of Mostaganem. Here, amidst in impressive and majestic chivalric charges simulations, you will experience how powerful the bond between men and horse is. Eventually, do not miss the chance of spending a couple of days in Algiers, the capital city. Here you can visit many museums and be raptured by the interwoven Arabic, French, and Spanish influences on public architecture. The Kasbah is also a must­see. In the labyrinth of alleys and narrow streets, you will suddenly find astounding palaces, mosques, and hammams (Turkish baths). All of this has earned Algiers and its surroundings the well­deserved UNESCO World Heritage Site title.


  • Algiers, the capital city. Rich in museums, it is arguably the national center for arts and culture.

  • The wild and immaculate coastline, rich in beaches and inlets.

  • The uncanny Sahara Desert and its beautiful starry nights.

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