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Car rental with ATESA ENTERPRISE

Atesa Enterprise is a Spanish car hire company spread all over the world that's possible to choose thanks to This website allows you to find the vehicle that best suits your needs among many options of different price and model. Of course, you can also choose from many other companies, but Atesa Enterprise is one of the best!.

The company's history is a true path to success. It all started in 1957, with the foundation of the company. Today, the importance of the group is undeniable. In fact, Atesa Enterprise has numerous offices and a substantial fleet in many countries.

The services available for the Atesa Enterprise customers are varied. It is possible to rent vans, pickups, citycars and luxury cars. Thanks to the business package, you can choose ad hoc solutions for companies.

This car hire company, available through the website, is present in 30 countries. There are 7,200 offices worldwide. This guarantees widespread assistance in different areas of the world. Also worth mentioning is the attention that the company devotes to sustainability, considered one of the most important business assets worldwide.

Atesa Enterprise Fleet

The Atesa Enterprise fleet includes several vehicles, which differ in daily price and type. The options also include premium cars, such as the Audi A5. Also worth mentioning is the possibility of renting mini cars, such as the Toyota Aigo. The options available for those looking for a rental car with Atesa Enterprise also include compact cars, such as the Volkswagen Golfo.

What to say, instead, of the possibility of choosing cars like the Seat Ibiza and the Ford Fiesta? The fleet is very large and it's possible to find alternatives for all tastes and budgets.