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Car rental with TARGET RENT

Target Rent is one of the car rental companies that can be chosen by those who decide to use the services of, by renting both cars and vans. Target Rent is a relatively young reality in the panorama of Italian car rental companies. Its official birth dates back to 2012 and is the result of the entrepreneurial intuition of Alessandro Carollo, who wanted to make the most of years of work experience in the car rental sector.

The Target Rent network is constantly expanding, and the company has made both attention to customer needs and openness to collaborations, two cornerstones of its work. To rent a car with Target Rent it is possible to use offices scattered throughout Italy as a reference. One can be found at Linate airport and another at Cuneo airport. Target Rent offices are also present in central Italy.

Target Rent fleet

Target Rent fleet includes several cars. Specifically, we can speak of groups, marked by letters of the alphabet, corresponding to the SIPP codes. To give a concrete example, it is possible to call into question the cars of group A, which see the Citroen C1 in the foreground. This car has an average rental price of 15 euros per day.

As for group B, the exemplary car of the fleet is the Fiat Panda, which costs, on average, 18 euros per day. The highest prices are those by V and L groups, which include, for example, the Mercedes E-Class Sport.