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Renting a car with Avis is a choice available for those who choose to use the services of the gocarrental.com portal. In this case we are facing one of the historic companies in the car rental world. To understand a little more about its history we have to go back in time to the year 1946, when Warren Avis opened the group's first car rental. Where exactly? At Willow Run Airport in Detroit. Then of course things had a very different dimension than they are today.

The fleet of the car rental company Avis was in fact characterized only by three vehicles. Today the situation is very different: Avis is one of the most active car rental companies in the world, present in 5000 locations and in 165 countries around the world. It took a while to get to this time expansion! After the start of 1946, in fact, things began to take an international turn in 1953, when Avis began to open some subsidiaries of the group in Europe, Canada and Mexico.

Exactly 10 years later, what is considered one of the most effective advertising slogans of all time dates back to the famous phrase "We're only No.2. We try harder".

The other stages in the history of Avis

The history of the car rental company Avis obviously consists of other important milestones, which have been decisive for the creation of the large group we are dealing with today. Among these it is possible to remember the years since 1965, when the car rental company expanded like wildfire by opening branches in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In the 1970s, Avis became one of the leading car rental companies on the European market. Today, among international awards linked to both the quality of services and communication, Avis is confirmed as one of the leading names for those who want to rent vehicles all over the world for both personal and corporate purposes.

Global ratings for AVIS

AVIS is present in 1,121 destinations. Based on the local reviews their customer average rating score is 7.9/10.

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Average Wait Minutes Average waiting time is 18 mins

7.3 /10 Overall value for money
8.0 /10 Cleanliness of the car
7.9 /10 Service at the rental desk
7.7 /10 Car rental pick-up process
8.4 /10 Car rental drop-off process