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Car rental with DELPASO

Nowadays, it's impossible to think about traveling without the freedom to move. It does not matter whether you travel for tourism or for business reasons: what matters is being able to juggle easily between one destination and another.

Car rental is essential in this regard and can be chosen all over the world. The web helps a lot to find the solution that best suits your needs, both from the point of view of price, both as regards the vehicle model.

Among the resources that allow you to choose the best car to rent, you can remember, a search engine that allows you to compare the prices of many car rental companies.

In this category, you can include Delpaso. This car rental company has its headquarters in Malaga, not far from the Spanish city airport. Among the advantages of this reality it is possible to remember the possibility to book online without having to pay at the office. Also worth mentioning is the presence of accident insurance. The company's fleet, as we shall see, includes vehicles from various car manufacturers.

Fleet of Delpaso

As already mentioned, Delpaso's fleet is made up of numerous vehicles. Among these it is possible to include the Toyota Aygo, the Fiat 500 and the Peugeot 208. Continuing with the list of available cars, we recall cars such as the Ford Focus, but also the Ford Focus SW and the Seat Altea XL. The fleet of the company in question is very rich and also includes vehicles such as the Ford Mondeo, but also the BMW and the Hyundai I30.

We conclude by recalling that, in the group of cars in the Delpaso fleet, it is also possible to include vehicles such as the Volkswagen Passat and the Mercedes C 180.