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Car rental with HAWK

For some, traveling is a passion. For others a job full of emotional and economic satisfactions. In all these cases, it is important to move freely. Nothing is more useful in this regard than the possibility of having a personal car available, which allows you to say goodbye to the constraints of train and airplane timetables.

To make this a reality, you can resort to car rental, a business that knows no crisis. Thanks to the web, it is now possible to choose the car that best suits your needs in just a few clicks. Portals such as gocarrental.com allow you to compare the prices of many companies in the sector, including Hawk Rent a Car.

This car rental company was born in 1994 on the initiative of Richard Hawkins, an entrepreneur who wanted to create the most important car rental company in Southeast Asia.

Emblematic to understand the nature of the project is the logo, a hawk that recalls the thanks and the Asian origins of the company. The company in question, born as an extremely ambitious project, has also faced various moments of crisis head on, such as the SARS period and that of the economic collapse of 2008. The results achieved even in these difficult moments have allowed Hawk Rent a Car to become the leading player in the car rental sector in Southeast Asia.

Hawk Rent a Car fleet

Hawk Rent a Car meets the needs of customers thanks to a fleet characterized by the presence of several vehicles. Among these is the case to remember the Toyota Wellfire MPV, but also the Honda Civic 1.8 and the Honda Accord 2.0.

As for the offices, we remind you that they can be found in various locations in Southeast Asia, such as Malacca and Kuala Lumpur.