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Car rental with CITER

Citer is one of the many car hire companies that can be compared thanks to, a price comparison portal that allows you to find the right quote for your needs, whether you need it in the Uk or abroad. is the answer both to those looking for a car for personal needs and to those who need a vehicle for business reasons. Citer, as already mentioned, is one of the companies that can offer all of this. Let's see in the next lines some more information about the group!

Citer: a brief history of the car hire company

Citer, a car rental company that can be chosen on, is a reality born in 1968 and initially linked to the Citroen group, one of the most important French car manufacturers. Over the years, the company has expanded to become an international reality. To understand this, just remember that, until 1989, Citer kept the ownership of the Spanish car rental company Atesa.

In that year, the French company was sold to the Enterprise group. Today, Citer has been absorbed by this holding.

How to rent a car with Citer

To rent a car with Citer you can refer to, a portal that compares rates from companies all over the world. Furthermore, to collect the vehicle, it is possible to take advantage of a widespread network of offices. Throughout France there are dozens of them both in major cities like Paris and in less famous urban centers like Carcassone.

Citer also has offices in other countries and, overall, oversees the car rental market with more than 7000 agencies around the world and also present in Asia and Europe. We conclude by recalling that the fleet includes both small cars and SUVs, with a view to full attention to private and business needs.