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Hiring a car to drive around Phoenix and the US Eastern area is a no brainer. Distances are huge here and public transportation is relatively slow, so having a car is key. On you can find the best offers. You can compare each car hire agency and find the best price amidst offers by Budget, Hertz, AVIS, Dollar, and many more. You can reserve your favourite car online and, when at the airport, you only need to show your driving license, your reservation voucher and a valid ID. In a few minutes you will dart across the boundless Arizona deserts.

What to do in Phoenix

There is a very important reason – perhaps the main one – to hire a car in Phoenix. Streets here lead to nowhere. Think about those American movies where the main characters are driving on a straight route with the wind through their hair and nobody in sight. Well, this is exactly what you get near Phoenix. In truth, the city has some very interesting sights, such as the contemporary painting collections in the Phoenix Art Museum; the Heard Museum devoted to the history, art, and culture of the Navajo Indians, who still inhabit the area; the 59­hectare Desert Botanical Garden where you can find the typical Arizona flora. Inside the Garden, there are picnic areas, jogging pathways, and cycling and horse lanes. There is also a museum that will make your kids happy. Over 350 interactive structures allow the visitor to make experiments over computers, weather phenomena, physics, and biology; along with it, there is a cinema with a huge screen where you can watch five stories about the Wild West and the NASA Agency; and a planetarium in which laser shows are performed with awe­inspiring Pink Floyd and The Doors soundtracks. Phoenix, finally, is famous for its Old Town. Scottsdale is composed of buildings dating back to the turn of the twentieth­century to which recent constructions have been added. The final result is a very faithful reproduction of the Old West times.


  • A peak to the Old Wild West Town

  • A trip to the Arizona Science Center

  • A visit to the Grand Canyon. Do not miss it for any reason!

Driving near Phoenix

South of Phoenix Airport there is Tucson, the city famous for the Old Tucson Studios were some of the most famous Western movies were directed. The Arizona Desert Museum shelters a number of animals and plants (cacti especially), but take a look to the University of Arizona and the State Museum too. Just one hour away, south of Tucson, you can reach Tombstone, the site of the legendary O.K. Corral gunfight. However, the very first thing you will want to see once you land in Phoenix is the Grand Canyon. Going northwards for a couple of hours on the I­17 route you can reach Falstaff, one of the departure points to visit that marvel of nature known as Grand Canyon. The Phoenix hire car collection points are near the Embassy Suite Hotel and near the Sky Harbor Airport. Look up on our search engine for the best prices!

Pickup points around Phoenix

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