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Visiting Bali is a great adventure in a place where mountains imperceptibly blend with verdant hills and amazing seaside. You are bound to be charmed by Bali’s beautiful beaches and coasts and a panorama that seems devised by a great painter. Its culture is sprightly and iridescent, and so is its spirituality. Bali is the perfect destination if you are in for adventure. For a top-notch organization you should rent a car on though. Bali is located in Indonesia and stretches over 5633 square kilometers. Those who visited it can testify the truth of its nickname, the island of Gods. There are many discoveries to be made for the curious traveller. Bali has it all: a strong cultural identity, sumptuous landscapes, and a beautiful seaside.


  • Bali’s Centre for Fine Arts. The Puri Lukisan Museum has a fine collection of modern Balinese paintings.

  • Peliatan, the center of Balinese traditional music and dances.

  • The Tanah Lot, a sacred Balinese temple on the sea.

Bali has wisely managed to retain its identity in spite of the sheer number of tourists per year. The strong presence of Hindu traditions is one of the first attractions, making it a kind of destination for spiritual tourism. And indeed, with a visit to Banjars and its temples you will pierce into Hindu culture. But the area is systematically rich in historical, religious, cultural, and architectural sights. In addition, take a look at Besakih Temple. It is built on the slopes of Mount Agung and tells a lot about Bali’s thousand years of history. Balinese religious beliefs, animism in particular, are based on the worship of nature-based ancestral spirits. Several venues are sacred and spark the curiosity of those visitors enamored of mystery and legends. Among the many sacred areas here, let us mention Cave Lawah and Sangeh Forest (although you should always remember to respect the customs of these places). Must-see sights in Bali include Klungkung, where Kerta Gos (Royal Court) lies. Kerta Gos is Bali’s oldest kingdom and it is recognizable by the traditional sixteenth-century wayang murals. You will there witness many revelations, such as the sacred lotus ponds and the floating pavilion, and many sacred parks. If you are in love with beautiful natural settings, you will be in a daze in front of the vast rice fields in the very center of Bali, at Ubud. Finally, discover Bali’s festive atmosphere by going to Kuta. The foaming waves and beautiful beaches will entice you into the warm waters of the Bali Sea. But nature is not the only attraction. In fact, this is the art island par excellence. Balinese art is especially focused on painting, music, and dance, and is a daily-life key leisure open to everybody. After toiling in the rice fields, even farmers get engaged in artistic expression. Now, isn’t Bali the place to go?

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