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The largest country in North America, and the second largest in the world, having your own transport really can help you get the most from your Canadian trip. A country famed for its breathtakingly vast, open landscapes, rocky mountains, multicultural metropolises, wonderful wildlife and incredibly friendly populace, it’s no wonder Canada has been drawing visitors from around the globe, both to visit and stay, for generations. Whether you’re looking for a city break, some time on the water, a challenging mountaineering trip or some adventure on the ski slopes, Canada has it all.

Things to Do in Canada

Canada is a country that loves festivals like no other – from celebrating blues music and Elvis to tulips and independent horror films! So whatever time of year you visit, there’s sure to be a festival happening near you, so it’s well worth checking what’s on before you fly. To really make the most of Canada, you need to get out into that beautiful wilderness. Head for the idyllic pine-clad Vancouver Island for spectacular whale watching opportunities, or to Churchill in Manitoba, famed for its bears and polar bear spotting trips. For winter sports, the Canadian Rockies are the place to be, and of course, you’ll want to tick Niagara Falls of that must-see list too. If you’re seeking a city break, make it Toronto, a buzzing, multicultural metropolis, where the delicious Canadian cuisine might just surprise you.

Top 3 Must See: Canada

  • Whale watching in Vancouver Island

  • Niagara Falls

  • Bear watching in Manitoba

Driving Around Canada

Car rental really comes into its own when you’re undertaking a trip to a country this vast. Nothing allows you to explore the dramatic contrasts across a huge landscape like having your own set of wheels. Car rental can be rather expensive here if you’re travelling alone, but very affordable is sharing with others. Within the bigger cities, like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, traffic can be hectic and parking hard to come by, but for getting out and about exploring that countryside a car is essential. Most car rental companies give you unlimited mileage within a certain province only, so be sure to check where and how far you’re allowed to drive before you set off.

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