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One of the biggest airports in the Emirates, the Al Maktoum International Airport is located some 35km south­east of Dubai. Whether for tourism or business,, renting a car here translates into a huge amount of time and money saved. And everybody knows that time is money! With your hire car you will reach Dubai very quickly, especially since the connections between city and airport are very good. So forget all about queues, tickets, waits: everything will be more on the lines of freedom, quickness, and comfort. At the Dubai Airport, you can pick your favourite international or local car hire agency. With a little help from our website, you will be able to compare the prices quite fast, choosing the car you please from home. What you need to do is simply choose your scheduled time of arrival and browse through the many offers has reserved for you.

What to do in the Al Maktoum International Airport

The facility is named after the sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktum, PM and Vice- president of the United Arab Emirates from 2006. The airport is related to the future Dubai World Central, a wide economic and residential centre that is currently under construction. When the airport is completed, it will be the biggest and busiest airport in the world with an estimate of about 120 million yearly passengers. Inside the airport you will find malls and restaurants of every kind, though you would better remember that everything here is pomp and splendor! This is the main feature of Dubai, after all, so no surprises: once you rent your car, the commutation to Dubai will be as fast as it can be and a world of wealth will open up. Ferraris and Lamborghinis wait at the traffic light; raise your eyes and gaze at the golden archways; now close them and hear the sound of luxury swimming pools everywhere around you. Our suggestion is to immediately head to Jumeirah, the district where you can skirt the famous Palm Islands and break through the grandiose Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper with a view that makes it absolutely worth the climb up to its 124th floor. However, if you don’t like vertigo, the first floors are not lacking in entertainment. Loseyourself in the 1200 shops of the Dubai Mal or help yourself with the Ski Dubai resort, an outstanding indoor ski slope inside the mall itself!


  • Palm Islands’s beaches
  • Skiing at the Ski Dubai facilities
  • Taking a look at Abu­Dhabi, the mysterious city

Driving near the Al Maktoum International Airport

Driving in Dubai proves to be highly comfortable. Not like making your way outside the city is of any difficulty whatsoever, given the modern routes crossing the desert which will provide you not only with a very quick commutation but also, not secondarily, with landscapes reminiscing of the one thousand and one nights. Among the destinations liked best by tourists here, Abu­Dhabi is only one hour away by car. Abu­Dhabi is an outstanding city with over twenty public gardens and parks, Arabian architecture of immaculate taste, and several mosques. Among the latter, let us mention the majestic Sheikh Zayed, located in the middle of the desert with its specific characteristic of turning blue at night. Another must­see sight is Al­Khaimah, just in the outskirts of Dubai. Al­Khaimah is, among the seven emirates, the one that stayed the truest to its roots (it is also, by the way, the least expensive emirate!) There you can dive into the life of the inhabitants of Dubai: they will treat with a ride on their camels through the sandy desert. It is highly suggested if you prefer tradition over luxury.

Which are the best deals in Al Maktoum International Airport?

from $187.23/day
from $228.14/day
from $241.69/day
from $412.26/day
15 Passenger Van
15 Passenger Van
from $453.17/day
Moving Van
Moving Van
from $882.78/day

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