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Before setting out on your exploration of Aix-­en­-Provence and its surrounding region, take your time to compare the car hire deals and offers on our website You will find the best prices to enjoy your Aix­en­Provence stay. 100% guaranteed! Aix-­en­-Provence was founded in the second century before Christ by the Romans, so no surprises if this city appears rich in history and with an outstanding cultural heritage. Aix-­en­-Provence boasts top­hole touristic and cultural spots. The many religious buildings deserve a visit, with special care to see Saint­Sauveur’s Cathedral and its cloister. Aix Cathedral is characterized by a layered architecture which reflects the interventions it has undergone between the fifth and the eighteenth century. Its southern portal is of Romanesque inspiration while the northern gate is in the Gothic style: the combination of the two immediately sets the tone for your expectations. Under the three naves of respectively Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque style – each majestic in its own way ­ you will discover a French painting masterpiece. We are talking about the fifteenth- century triptych “Mary in the Burning Bush" by Nicolas Froment. However, in this Cathedral everything is a testimony from the past, so take a look at the magnificent organ as well. 

Aix-­en­-Provence has had a vital relationship with water, though (perhaps especially because) it lies in a region which at times can be unfathomably lacking in rainfall. The city compensates with beautiful fountains and there are many, of all sizes and styles, decorating both streets and squares. Let us mention among them at least the fifteenth­century Espéluque fountain, now the most ancient in town.

However, the fountains on Cours Mirabeau are also a satisfying choice for a loitering afternoon in one of the most famous street of the city. The most massive and magnificent fountain, anyway, is the Rotonde. Built in 1860, it is decorated by three statues that allegorize Justice, Agriculture, and the Fine Arts, the city’s main activities. Only a few minutes away from the city you can find Sainte­Victoire, a mountain that has now risen to the rank of symbol of Provence.

Peaking at one thousand meters, it is the perfect spot to hike, climb, and explore nature. Once on the top, you will be rewarded by one of the most impressive views you will have ever seen, and enjoy the beauty of the hills of Provence and the plains of Aix. Spread all around it, numberless villages dot the landscape, hidden to everything but your sight. By a short hire­car drive, you will be able to discover their alluring history.


  • Cours Mirabeau, with its wonderful abodes and fountains, offers the possibility of a beautiful walk.

  • Rotonde, the most impressive fountain for both its dimension and its sculptures.

  • Saint­Sauveur’s cathedral and its composite architecture.

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