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Ajaccio’s landscapes are idyllic. Its cultural and natural sights guarantee for a full-fledged holiday. In order to reach and explore this impressive city, the best solution is to rent a car on, where you can save lot of time and money. Ajaccio is located in southern Corsica, precisely in the Corse-du-Sud department. All around the city there is a wild non-urban, a sort of cornucopia of natural sights and seaside. Sanguinaires Islands are particularly interesting. Lying in the Gulf of Ajaccio, the Bloody Islands are an archipelago of relatively austere islands which shelter dozens of native plant species that can only be found here. However, many seabirds have also chosen these islands as their nests. There is a nineteenth-century lighthouse, now automated, that illuminates the sea in front of Mezzu Mare (the Bloody Great), the archipelago’s main island. The island complex is now part of the prestigious Natura 2000 network. By reserving your low cost rental car on, you will have the chance of driving through winding roads carved out of nervous cliffs only to randomly bump across some beautiful Corsican sight. There are numberless inlets and beaches in this Mediterranean jewel. Ajaccio and its surroundings offer one of the closest approximations of an earthly paradise. It is the perfect place for silently meditating and getting back in touch with nature. The city however is also very interesting too. As many know, Ajaccio was Napoleon Bonaparte’s hometown. So the city still displays traces and hints of this unparalleled character in France’s history. We can find many monuments to the memory of the “petit Corse,” but some of them are especially worth mentioning: the statue in Place du Casone and the Bonaparte House Museum, located in the house where Napoleon was born and lived before making history; and the imperial chapel which hosts the family tombs, where his parents and siblings rest. Finally, Ajaccio has a valuable cultural outlook. Two museums are specifically devoted to art and history. The former is Fesch museum, with its large collection of Italian Renaissance paintings; the latter is Bandera museum, perfect for the traveller curious about the history of Corsica and the Mediterranean Sea at large. Another must-see is the old city (burgu), which gives a sample of Ajaccio’s charming Mediterranean architectural style.


  • The Renaissance Santa Maria Assunta’s Cathedral. It is mainly known for the christening of Napoleon Bonaparte.

  • The Bonaparte House Museum. Here you can find out everything about the house where the Emperor was born and raised.

  • The beaches and inlets spread over the wild coastline near Ajaccio.

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