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Annemasse has no shortage of places to visit. There are many monuments here that embellish the city cultural outline. The Red Castle, for instance, is not simply a concert hall but a place rich in concealed discoveries. Villa du Parc, a famous Centre for Contemporary Art, displays interesting national and international artworks. In the House of the artists’ books, instead, you can enjoy one of the many temporary exhibitions and watch admirable paintings and poems. Overall, these places make Annemasse a very lively place in both summer and winter. While you are at it, do not miss St. Nicolas church, a former Romanesque­styled abbey joined to the Castle of Bonne. The abbey dates back to the thirteenth century though the nave was implemented three centuries later. For a memorable and astounding view of the uncanny Mont Blanc, reach the top of Voirons Mounts and enter the monastery of Notre Dame de Voirons. While in the city, take the chance to visit art workshops as well. The dolmen of the Cave aux fées, located at the foot of Voirons, dates back to the Neolithic Age. It is regarded as one of the most ancient Haute­Savoie buildings. There is also the Jewish Veyrier graveyard, a fascinating cemetery that stretches through the Swiss­French border with facades garnished with Jerusalem stones and a chapel of magnificent stained glass.


  • Lovers of nature will definitely have a good time at Paradiz'en.

  • The Dolmen of the Cave, at the foot of Voirons, has many kinds of interesting activities

  • Revivify your spirit in the green spaces of Annemasse.

Annemasse’s history passes through many huge sculptures, like The Gate of Harmony and Andromeda by Michel Ventrone. Visit also the famous Julius Caesar fountain, in which the Roman King used to refresh himself, or so the story goes. Annemasse has also many green areas worth visiting. One of them is the Paradiz'en. This Japanese garden is located at the foot of the Jura and faces the Alps. Its name is utterly apt ­ this earthly paradise grants peace, serenity, spiritual fullness and, not least important, quality time with your family. You can also visit the several city parks like the High­Monthoux Park, Squirrels park, Parc Jean Beauquis, Fantasia Park and Claudius Montessuit park. Hiring a car in Annemasse will ease your movements during your stay. In Annemasse you will always find something to do in daytime and nighttime, so a rental car ready to go is the best solution. On there is no lack of means of transportation. In addition, we have several customized solutions for you. Clubs, bars, casinos, sports. Nightlife in Annemasse has it all. No matter what you choose to do, just remember your camera to take a picture of the great time spent here.

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