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Belfort is a beautiful city in the heart of the Franche-Comté countryside. It is the main town in the namesake region and treasures a multitude of sights for the curious traveller. Maybe because of its strategic location, historically Belfort has lured invaders that brought with them great cultural diversity. The community retained its identity by blending it with outer influences. You can discover the exciting Belfort blend by hiring a car via our professional car rental service Your hire car comes at a bargain price! Penetrate into Belfort’s alluring secret universe. Its location has a number of advantages. Located right at the foot of the Vosges Mount, Belfort lies just adjacent to Switzerland, Germany, and the Southern Alsace’s vineyards. Belfort is named after the heroic 1870 resistance, somehow a testimony of its tumultuous past. You will be amazed by Belfort’s natural diversity and by the adventures you can experience here. The Lion territory, as it is often called, can be lived in a variety of ways. While those who like daring experiences will opt for extreme sports (paragliding courses and survival, to name but two), most peaceful tourists can devote their time to hiking and fishing.


  • Malsaucy. This site is ideal for nature lovers aiming at indulging in activities like hiking, mountain biking, and water sports.
  • The Lion of Belfort, a monument sculpted by the author of the Statue of Liberty.
  • The charming Old City, located in the historic city center.

Belfort’s Citadel is indeed one of its cultural and historical prides. Located on an impressive cliff-top location, the Citadel is a majestic defense system planned by past engineers. Notably, this monument holds traces of both military and artistic influences; its very particular architectural style will not fail to tickle the curiosity of both connoisseur and tourist.

The citadel was built next to a medieval fortress. During the 1870 war Augustus Bartholdi paid homage to the resilience of this city by building the famous lion statue. The Lion of Belfort is eleven meters high and twenty-two meters long, an imposing presence right at the foot of the Citadel. After having paid homage to Belfort’s symbolic monument, stray to your heart’s content in the old part of the city.

The Old Town is the perfect place if you want to watch variegated landscapes and the colorful façades of the historic palaces. However, Belfort is very lively in the present as well, and its inhabitants usually drag their visitors in the city gentle sprightly atmosphere. Finally, make sure not to leave without a trip to the Belfort Regional Natural Park of Balloons in Vosges.

A ride in the Alsace Balloon grants an astonishingly beautiful view from over 1200 meters. In this area you can also practice many sports and recreational activities, among which the most popular are hiking and riding your mountain bike through the trails.

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