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Not everybody knows that Chalons-en-Champagne was once known as Chalons-sur-Marne. This city, however, has always had a strong artistic, cultural, and architectural penchant. It attracts tourists from all over the world with its historically rich monuments. The best way to move around this area is by renting a car on Chalons-en-Champagne is located in the Champagne-Ardenne region, precisely in the Marne department. The city has high-quality touristic resources, alongside with very important monuments, city parks, and a few historical treasures (mansions, especially). Religion is also important in the community, as evidenced by the many churches. Lovers of walking will be interested in visiting the Jards located in the heart of the city. In the Grand Jard, a favourite among families but also a much-appreciated fishing destination, you will see a typical French garden layout. The Petit Jard is its counterpart, garnished by a lovely public arboretum. The Botanical Garden is the green space of choice if you are curious about the secrets of plants, with over two thousand species of shrubs and trees. In everlasting protection of the Garden, Carlos Carillo sculpted four allegories of the seasons. The English Jard, finally, is perfect for a quiet walk to put you in a pensive mood.


  • St. Stephen's Cathedral, with its fascinating interweaving different architectural styles.

  • The remains of the twelfth-century Cloister Museum of Notre-Dame-en-Vau.

  • The Jards, for getting in touch with nature.

Religion is very important in Chalons-en-Champagne. This is mainly evidenced by the Notre-Dame-en-Vaux - a UNESCO World Heritage Site -, the Saint-Alpine Church, and St. John’s Church. The Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral will leave you in admiration as you glare at its twelfth-to-nineteenth-century historiated stained glasses. The Moorish style is also present in this city, as you can see in the Synagogue (where you will not fail to notice the arabesques on the top of the walls.) Finally, Chalons-en-Champagne is a great city for lovers of art and history. A visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology of Chalons-en-Champagne is in order, where a massive ornithological collection of over two thousand bird fossils is exposed, along with enamels, sculptures, and paintings. On a final note, we could add that Chalons-en-Champagne was elected “city of water and greenery," with particular mention for the Jards, unmistakably the lungs of this very fine city. So, isn’t this enough?

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