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Roubaix is definitely a wonderful place to visit. It offers a setting combining so many different landscapes, where ancient and modern buildings mix together perfectly. If you need a peaceful and relaxing place to go for your holidays, Roubaix is exactly what you’re looking for. Almost completely demolished during both World Wars and the industrial crisis, Roubaix rose from the ashes and now has become more dynamic and more alive than ever before.

The renovation of the city has given new impetus to tourism in Roubaix, and the Swimming Pool by Andé Diligent, now known as the Museum of Arts and Industry is a perfect proof of this. Explore the city and don’t miss any of its attractions with Roubaix Car Hire

Things to do in Roubaix

Roubaix is located in the Nord department, more specifically in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. This town is the capital of Lucerne and has a rich and enchanting history, which you can tell by its impressive architectural, natural and historical heritage. The city also held a key role in the textile industry during the nineteenth century, when the Industrial Revolution was taking place.

Dive into the glorious past of Roubaix in the textile industry by visiting the “Manufacture des Flandres”. This is a valuable monument that will tell you the history of textile art through the noise of the machines, the exhibitions, the innovations, but also through the tour guide commentaries. This workshop-museum pays tribute to the flourishing period of Roubaix in this particular field..

Top 3 Must See:

  • La Piscine Museum

  • La Manufacture des Flandres

  • The Roubaix Factory Outlet

Drive Around Roubaix

Visit “La Piscine”, Museum of Art and Industry if you’d like to discover the originality of Roubaix, or go to The Manufacture des Flandres to trace the epic of the textile industry of the city. Don’t miss the The Roubaix Factory Outlet, which undoubtedly will charm fashionistas with their top brands shops. Greenery and nature lovers can’t miss Park Barbieux, where you will find how much this place is deeply linked to the history of textile industry. Rivers, waterfalls and ponds offer an idyllic framework for inspiration and artistic creativity.

The place becomes a privileged space of lonely souls, but also lovers would choose this place as their romantic love nest. This park is also a perfect solutions for families who enjoy outdoor recreation. Indeed your kids will have a wonderful time by doing lots of activities such as riding, football, rowing, mini-golf or paddle boating. A multitude of outdoor adventures and experiences are waiting for you! Make an exceptional discovery by visiting “La Piscine”, Museum of Art and Industry.

Built in 1930, this former swimming pool has been turned into a museum; nothing more original than statues lining the edges of a municipal pool! The Museum collections will make you plunge into a completely different atmosphere. The architectural heritage of Roubaix not fails to fascinate tourists. Here they’ll find the Gothic Revival style while contemplating the St. Joseph Church, while the Church of Notre Dame was inspired by the Corinthian style. For its part, the Linden Church blends perfectly with Romanesque style

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