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Visit a beautiful country with exceptional charm and let yourself be seduced by the scenery. Saint-Brieuc is a beautiful city located on the edge of the Channel. Explore this amazing place by choosing to rent your vehicle on Crossed by two valleys, the Breton city offers exciting activities around the Gouët Gouédic and rivers. The French town of Saint-Brieuc is located in Brittany, in the Côtes d'Armor department. Discover the art of living of Briochins, but also the various attractions of this beautiful city. The bay of Saint-Brieuc is named after the city, and so is one of the tourist resources of the locality. Make great discoveries by visiting every nook and corner of Saint-Brieuc. The cobbled streets, its beautiful houses and its colorful landscapes reveal the charm of the historic district. You can tell the rich architectural, artistic and natural heritage of the city. As one of the nine bishoprics of Brittany, this city has a rich religious past, reflected in the buildings and churches. The contemporary buildings coexist with half-timbered houses and old houses, thus characterizing the beauty and originality of the Breton city.

Things to do in Saint Brieuc

Are you nature lovers? Then enjoy visiting the Nature Reserve of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc. You will have the opportunity to observe a variety of birds (not less than 40 000 birds), most of which are migratory. You will also love having quiet walks in the beautiful valleys round this area. Do you prefer the seaside? You will be delighted by the various possible water activities in Saint-Brieuc. In addition, you can watch the spectacle of nature, especially when the sea retreated more than 7 km to reveal a seascape between land and sea. The fishing port and marina will bring you joy and satisfaction. If you are passionate about art, Saint-Brieuc offers a full cultural and artistic agenda. The numerous events, including flagship events like the Art Rock festival, you will let you discover another side of the city.

Top 3 Must See:

  • The Saint-Brieuc Cathedral

  • The Art and History Museum

  • The natural reserve of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc

Drive Around Saint Brieuc

If you are art enthusiasts, visit the Art and History Museum to soak up the past of Saint-Brieuc through its art exhibitions (permanent and temporary), rich collections and various animations. Taking a stroll through the city you will discover various masterpieces, including sculptures and other monuments of Saint-Brieuc. If you want to see all this and more, don’t wait any longer, go on, now!

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