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Compare prices and save money on your car rental in Berlin – Schoenefeld Airport

The Schoenefeld Airport lies some 24km south­east of Berlin, just at the boundary between the capital and the Brandenburg Land. It is the second airport of the city and an interesting starting point for the tourist that wants to visit Berlin or, more generally, the north­east German area. This will be especially easy if you choose to rent a car or a minibus by browsing through our website. We have a huge number of bargains: Europcar, Avis, Budget and Hertz are only a few of the otherwise many car rental agencies active in Schoenefeld. When relaxing on your sofa, you can compare costs and solutions on our search engine. Just think of the comfort of getting to the hotel by car as soon as you land, ready to start planning those tourist trips.

What to do in Berlin – Schoenefeld Airport

Berlin is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and, now that you have rented a car, it’s yours to discover.. Head towards Potsdamer Platz, arguably one of the best squares in the world. It is a symbol of rebuilding, hope and modernity; but it is also a high example of contemporary architecture. While right after the bombings it was nothing more than a deserted place, nowadays it is one of the major points of progress for people in Berlin. In this city nothing is overlooked: even the Reichstag (the Parliament), embodies the avant­garde spirit of the city, something you will not fail to notice while treading on its glass dome. The unforgettable historical events that led to WWII are in Berlin: monuments, museums, and mementos are scattered throughout the city.In addition, we highly suggest Alexander Platz, ever­beating symbolic heart of Berlin that, in our opinion, conveys the most charming moods in the city. Finally, do not miss the Berlin zoo and the Pergamon Museum, which contains artworks of uncanny dimension and magnitude. You can see them only in Berlin.


  • Pergamon Museum

  • Postdamer Platz

  • Mitte, the memorable central quarter of Berlin

Driving near Berlin – Schoenefeld Airport

By taking the S­Bahn, in a few miles you can discover some amazing spots near Berlin. First of all, let’s stop in Grunewald. This city is not only famous for the tower which provides with a wonderful view from an height of 50 meters; it has also an outstanding forest ideal for relaxing and stopping no matter where to enjoy our bag lunch. Finally, we may climb on the justly celebrated Teufelsberg, also known as Devil’s Mountain, an artificial hill 114 meters high formed by the WWII ruins of Berlin (in Winter you can even go skiing here!). Proceeding further on the S­Bahn, we can finally enter the city of Wannsee, plentiful in lakes and islands in the wood. If instead you would rather go north, just switch to the U­Bahn route and towards Spandau to take a look at the enchanting twelfth­century fortress and the old citadel.

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