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Why should one travel to Jerusalem? Because the outstanding beauty of this city tells the history of millions of years of cultural richness. Jerusalem, the three­time sacred city, is the place where the three most important monotheistic religions encounter. It is also the city that marks the boundary between East and West. Renting a car in Jerusalem, with a little help from, will make your journey much simpler and faster. At, we can propose a number of rental cars from any of the agencies active in Jerusalem, be it Avis, Budget, Dollar, or Hertz. Once you have reserved your car, it will be enough to simply display our voucher, your driving license, a valid ID document, and your credit card. And then you’re off! p>

What to do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is an alluring city: the country where the three major monotheistic religions were born. This was the country were Jesus was crucified, where Mohammad painted the sky pink, and where the Jews built their Temple. Our journey can begin from the Old City where the Armenian, the Jewish, and the Christian quarters are located. In the Christian quarter there is one of the most important places for Christianity: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where it is said that Jesus was condemned and buried. Here you can find every kind of people and religion in what is by all means a fair of the variety of Mankind. The Muslim quarter, instead, has at its centre – among the mosques –Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross), that is, the pathway walked by Jesus to reach the Calvary (Golgotha Mountain). Here you can either choose to lose yourself among the charming markets and the millennial alleys or to walk straight towards the Western Wall to pray or meditate. From there, find your way to Temple Mount, where the three religions fought for centuries: here you will find the Al Aqsa Mosque and the grandiose Dome of the Rock, one of the symbols of Jerusalem.


  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre

  • Temple Mount

  • Masda’s outstanding views

Driving near Jerusalem

Jerusalem has a variety of breathtaking landscapes. Renting a car allows you to get the best out of your journey. One hundred kilometers from Jerusalem, skirting the Dead Sea on the outstanding Route 90, you can reach the charming Masada. This city is on the top of a hill next to the Dead Sea, in a desert plain usually likened to the moon landscape. Here you can find the ruins of Herod’s fortress, whose forty towers and 5­meter­high and a­kilometer­long walls once made it unassailable. Interestingly, the top of Masada lies just a couple of meters below the level of the sea. In this way, it overlooks the Dead Sea Depression some 400 meters below. The view from Masada is astonishing. Another place to explore is Bethlehem, located 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem and famous worldwide for being the hometown of Jesus Christ. In Bethlehem you can discover the Church of Nativity, a pilgrimage site actually composed by two churches and the Grotto where seemingly Jesus was born.

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