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Cuneo and the western part of Piedmont is a place offering many wonderful areas to explore. Book the car of your choice on our website now, and take advantage of the best options for your holiday or business trip. The city of Cuneo is very close to the western border of Italy, where the Piedmont is surrounded by the Alps and France, bending towards the Tyrrhenian Sea. The history of this small town was almost insignificant until the Middle Ages, but nowadays its image changed radically after the Napoleonic renewals, presenting itself as a nice little town where you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere far from the smog and the air pollution of larger cities.

Things to do in Cuneo

Starting from the large piazza Galimberti, The modern city of Cuneo appears more extended horizontally compared to the old city, which was enclosed within the medieval walls. The old town of The ancient cobble-stoned streets make the old town very evocative and driving around them with a rental car, discovering all the hidden beauties of Cuneo is a little satisfaction that we recommend to experience. Drive from Via Roma to Borgo San Dalmazzo, going through the the city centre until the rivers Stura and Gesso, around which it developed.

Top 3 Must See:

  • Admire the Racconigi Castle

  • Visit and enjoy the Museum of Chocolate

  • Go into the Bossea Cave

Drive Around Cuneo

Then seize the opportunity to visit the surroundings with your personal car, and enjoy the amazing views from there. Don’t forget to have a sip of top quality wines and to taste exquisite traditional dishes. Moreover, driving your rental car you’ll discover the beauty of the French Savoy, all this by booking one trip. If you fancy all this, go on our website now!.

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