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Discover Campania with a rental car: as well as Naples, Caserta and Salerno, you can enjoy a holiday in the wonderful Ischia at your own pace. Book your favorite model on our easy search engine now, and discover the benefits of having a rental car for all your travels. Ischia is a small jewel in the precious Gulf of Naples. The island of Ischia is the third most populated island of Italy after Sicily and Sardinia, and it is known since ancient times for its priceless beauty, enhanced by stunning colours in the summer season. The island is actually the top of an ancient underwater volcano, and since Roman times has been used as a reference point for transport and trade to and from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Covering 46 square kilometres, the island of Ischia is the perfect place where you can appreciate all the advantages of renting a car.

Things to do in Ischia

With your rental car you will easily move between the six municipalities of the island, and discover the beautiful landscapes along the ancient thermal waters. Let yourself be amazed by Borgo S. Angelo and its white houses climbing on the seafront, go up to watch the sea from the walls of the Aragonese Castle and the Church of St. Peter, or take a stroll along the Port of Ischia. Take back your rental car and drive to Barano, visit the headlands where even the fumes of the volcano still show up, or drive to the Saracen Tower or the windmills of Montebarano, and conclude your journey with a romantic view of the Gulf of Naples at sunset.

Top 3 Must See:

  • Admire the Sorgeto Bay

  • Visit the Aragonese Castle

  • Take a walk through Villa Ravino Gardens

Drive Around Ischia

With your own car you will also discover the typical small inns where you can taste the traditional dishes of the island which, like any place in Campania, are downright amazing. Furthermore, remember that Ischia there are fast ferry services, that can take you to Naples and to the surrounding areas, so you can enjoy all the beauties of this fantastic region. Your rental car can be easily loaded onto the ferry and will follow you as far as you want. Renting a car in Ischia is the best way to enjoy a great holiday in the Gulf of Naples. Don’t wait any longer, book the car that you prefer most now!

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