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Use a car rental to explore the ancient Agro-Pontino area and the city of Latina in total comfort. Book your favorite vehicle on our website, it will only take you a few clicks! Latina was founded in very recent years, it was meant to be the benchmark of the great land reclamation project that during Fascism interested the wide area known as Agro Pontino. These territories just outside Rome, were inhabited since Roman times, but up to the 1930’s they were unhealthy and malarial areas, mostly swampy and unsuitable for any type of crop. With the reclamation work, this area underwent a great work of upgrading, culminating in the foundation of the city of Latina, a town built according to the latest building techniques of the time.

Things to do in Latina

Renting a car is the best way to discover this area extensively, a living evidence of the recent Italian history and the efforts of man against nature. Take a moment to find out the strict planning project carried out by the architects of the Fascist regime to celebrate the grandeur and the achievements of Mussolini. Drive slowly around the centre, and discover the small corners that make Latina a unique place. Built in straight lines, the former agricultural colony is surrounded by a dense network of canals for the irrigation of the surrounding areas.

Top 3 Must See:

  • Visit the amazing Ninfa Gardens

  • Walk alongside the Caetani Castle

  • Visit the Archeological Museum of Minturno

Drive Around Latina

Discover the surroundings, from Latina coast to Sabaudia, and then explore the ancient history of Latium going back to Frosinone, Velletri, then to the magnificent Castel Gandolfo, in order to easily move to the Eternal City, a few kilometers to the north. Don’t forget to taste the local cuisine, which was affected by the contamination that led Italian internal migrants in this part of Italy. Renting a car in Latina offers you all this and more with our very user-friendly search engine. Visit our website now, and your favorite car will be immediately at your disposal!

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