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Renting a car in Oristano is your best bet if you want to experience a relaxing and comfortable stay. Hiring a car you’ll be able to save money and time, and you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of a place with the undisputed benefit of being totally independent. If you want to look for a low cost car rental in Oristano, is the definitely the best solution you could take, because it will allow you to choose between the many alternatives proposed by hundreds of car rental companies.

Things to do in Oristano

Exploring the city of Oristano means getting in touch with a cultural reality as impressive as that of Sardinia, which has undergone several domination, as evidenced by the architectural remains in the city. Those who want to fully appreciate the charm of this city r can then stop at the Archbishop's Palace, one of the main buildings dating back to the Savoy Family, or in Piazza Eleonora, a place of great symbolism for the city's history. Renting a car in Oristano allows you not only to live the charm of this city to the fullest, but also to drive around Sardinia freely and independently. This region is a land full of great natural treasures, and in every of its areas you can find something extremely interesting. Having a rental car in Oristano means therefore having the opportunity to discover the ponds of Cabras, or beautiful towns like Arborea. Your holiday in Sardinia can change radically if you decide to rent a car in Oristano. Forget all those annoying problems with taxis and public transport, and enjoy the comfort of having your own vehicle and the great opportunity to organise your trip in Sardinia with no effort at all.

Top 3 Must See:

  • The fascinating Mariano Tower

  • The evocative Piazza Manno

  • The beautiful Is Arutas Beach

Drive Around Oristano

On you will find lots of options among which to choose a cheap car rental in Oristano in just a few clicks, paying it with the major credit cards directly online. Arranging a trip to Sardinia is much easier with the help of technology, and renting a car in Oristano can be really the perfect choice to make your holiday unforgettable. Think about the pleasure of driving freely in the centre of Oristano, of discovering the beauty of the Gennargentu National Park. Exploring Sardinia by car is a special experience, and a rental car in Oristano will allow you to make it concrete, doing it quickly and at the best price ever.

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Customer Customer Rating


Average Wait Minutes Average waiting time is 18 mins

8.0 /10 Overall value for money
8.4 /10 Cleanliness of the car
8.3 /10 Service at the rental desk
8.1 /10 Car rental pick-up process
8.5 /10 Car rental drop-off process


Customer Customer Rating


Average Wait Minutes Average waiting time is 18 mins

7.7 /10 Overall value for money
8.5 /10 Cleanliness of the car
8.1 /10 Service at the rental desk
7.9 /10 Car rental pick-up process
8.3 /10 Car rental drop-off process

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