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Reggio Calabria and, a perfect travel collaboration to discover the southernmost city of the peninsula. Don’t wait any longer and get familiar with our user-friendly search engine, your rental car is just a click away. Reggio Calabria is situated on the extreme tip of the Italian peninsula, and it is an important hub for connections of the peninsula with Sicily. One of the fifteen metropolitan agglomerations in Italy, Reggio Calabria has nearly three hundred thousand inhabitants in the only city area. Historical ties with Messina, city neighbor across the other side of the Strait, Reggio Calabria is historically one of the fundamental hubs since the days of Ancient Greece. Moving with a rental car in this area is the ideal solution to make the most of the beauty that can be found here. After the famous earthquake of 1908, Reggio was largely rebuilt in a Liberty style, which makes it a little jewel that, especially at sunset, shining forth with the sun beating on the white houses.

Things to do in Reggio Calabria

Get your rental car and visit the National Museum of Magna Grecia, which houses the famous Riace Bronzes. Visit the city center and the many architectural styles that alternate between Palazzo Zerbi and Cilea Theatre. Head to the waterfront, celebrated by D'Annunzio, facing Sicily and breathtaking views. Resume your rental car and head to the Aragonese Castle, and back out of Reggio Calabria and explore the Aspromonte and natural parks.

Top 3 Must See:

  • Walk along its fantastic waterfront

  • Visit the Aragonese Castle

  • Restoration workshop and Riace Bronzes

Drive Around Reggio Calabria

Don’t miss the opportunity to try strong local flavors, from the 'nduia dishes dating back to the Ancient Greece times, to the Frittole or Fictu and rriggitana. Discover with your rental car the remote places in the province where you can find great specialties and local crops. Renting a car in Reggio Calabria is the best solution for your visit. Don’t miss this opportunity to find the best deals on our website. Book and choose the car you like now.

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