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Compare & Save on car rental in Reggio Emilia offers a new car rental service in Reggio Emilia, guaranteing ease of movement and booking. Try n our search engine now, to book the car of your choice ìwith no effort at all! Reggio Emilia is a little jewel set in the middle of the Via Emilia, the ancient road that connected the Lombardia to the Adriatic coast, which still crosses the Po Valley in the transverse direction. Reggio is a few minutes drive from Modena and Parma on the other hand, and it is largely included in the global city that starts at Piacenza and ends at Rimini, as defined by the writer Lucarelli.

Things to do in Reggio Emilia

Of Roman origin, it follows the classic castrum plan, and you can still see that the changes are mainly dating back to the five-seventeenth century. Get your rental car and visit the town center, where the main monuments are located between the Piazza Grande, the Ariosto Theatre and the People's Park, not to mention the fourteenth century church of Madonna della Ghiara, with Greek cross plan. Moreover, don’t miss the Duomo and Piazza Prampolini, two great examples of Emilian architecture.

Top 3 Must See:

  • Visit the Tricolour Hall

  • Drive along Canossa Castle

  • Walk through the backstreets near the Duomo

Drive Around Reggio Emilia

Get your rental car and move along Via Emilia, go out to explore the surrounding area of Reggio Emilia, not without tasting the typical dishes of Emilian cuisine, which is becoming notable for its classic dumplings and accompanied by beautiful tigella salami. Leaving the city, in a few minutes you can reach is that Modena Parma, as well as the beautiful medieval Mantova, placed on its beautiful lake. Take also the opportunity to see the amazing Apennines looking out to the south of the city, along with the plain around the great river Po. Choose your favorite car rental service now, and book the car of your choice at the best price on

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Customer Customer Rating


Average Wait Minutes Average waiting time is 18 mins

7.9 /10 Overall value for money
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Average Wait Minutes Average waiting time is 17 mins

7.7 /10 Overall value for money
8.3 /10 Cleanliness of the car
8.1 /10 Service at the rental desk
8.0 /10 Car rental pick-up process
8.6 /10 Car rental drop-off process


Customer Customer Rating


Average Wait Minutes Average waiting time is 22 mins

6.0 /10 Overall value for money
7.0 /10 Cleanliness of the car
7.0 /10 Service at the rental desk
6.0 /10 Car rental pick-up process
6.0 /10 Car rental drop-off process

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