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In Lebanon you can find a new way to approach life. Known for its cedars, Lebanon is a very small state in the Western part of Asia characterized by an unwelcoming territory, which is the main reason why many of its inhabitants have chosen to live on the coastal areas and in Beirut, a city that alone hosts almost one third of the overall population. Lebanon is a fascinating place waiting to be explored. Driving a hire car to discover it fully is highly suggested for many reasons. Firstly, there is no significant railway system in Lebanon. Secondly, bringing your own car toLebanon might turn out to be very difficult, as the admission procedure is complex and can take a long time.. One specific requirement for entering Lebanon with your own car is a bank guarantee emitted by a Lebanese bank to the chief of Lebanese customs service. It goes without saying that by renting a car you will eschew any such complicated procedure and thus simplify your journey. After all, there will be no lacking cars. Our search engine is advanced and it easily compares and displays the offers made available by the most important car hire agencies in Lebanon. As we have many agreements with such agencies, renting a car with us will be cheaper than you think.

What to do in Lebanon

Beirut is a cultural hub. Not many know that UNESCO has its headquarters in Beirut, a city of great historical allure. Christian quarters like Achrafieg and Gemmayzeh are as charming as the Al­Omari and Mohammad al­Amin mosques. Beirut is also known for its impressive cultural outlook. Along with the many museums, universities, and art galleries, there are a number of festivals and cultural centers throughout the year which make the case stronger for visiting this excellent city. The second city in Lebanon is Tripoli, 85km north of Beirut. Its city center is plentiful in architectural examples of its historical richness. Among the several mosques and Madrasas, you should not miss the Al­Omari Mosque (with its blue roof) and the Citadel of Raymond de Saint­Gilles.


  • Beirut City Center
  • Beaufort Castle
  • Driving along the Lebanese coast, north to south

Driving near Lebanon

With your hire car you can travel through Lebanon from North to South, luxuriating in its landscapes still untouched.. Going south from Tripoli, along the coastline, visit Byblos, an ancient Christian outpost and a treasure trove of very old tales, especially related to Beaufort Castle and the archaeological ruins spread all over the area. Another must­visit place is Batroun with its Moussalayha castle. With a hire car all of this trips will be comfortable and simple.

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