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If you long to forget the noise of the metropolis and embrace some natural relaxing vibes, Malaysia is the place to be! It is a country with plenty of cultural and natural sights which absolutely needs a car to be visited in full. This is why we suggest browsing through our website for the best up­to­date offers available by the main car rental agencies active in Malaysia. It does not matter if you are on a business trip or vacation: our database includes any type of vehicle, from small economy cars to minibuses for group vacations to SUVs for field trips on the immaculate Malaysian nature. In Malaysia, Italian driving license is valid for 180 days and you will not have any problem paying with credit card. So, what are you waiting for? Get your ID card ready, reserve your car, and go!

What to do in Malaysia

Malaysia is a very charming country whose mysteries have been the subject of myths, legends, and fairy tales.. Malaysia is mostly an Islamic country of millennial traditions. Still, the progressive cultural variety has made Malaysia a country very prone to host people from all over the world, who often praise the quality of its life. Malaysia is a most yearned­for country especially by people in love with nature. Suffice it to remember that that wildlife paradise known as Borneo is the main island of the peninsular area (and the third biggest island in the world). Hundreds of field and guided trips are organized every day in this fascinating place where pollution seems not to exist. Needless to say, a visit here is mandatory. The capital and main city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is the heart of Malaysia and in recent history has witnessed extraordinary growth. While some decades ago Kuala Lumpur was not even signaled on geographical maps, now it is one of the most­advanced cities of Asia, and still growing. Suffice it to mention the Petronas Towers, symbol of Kuala Lumpur and for some years the tallest building on the planet (at the astonishing height of 452 meters). The towers are linked by an impressive bridge set at 175 meters. Another self­explanatory example of the cultural and natural power of Malaysia is the Batu Caves. No, we are not talking about the Bat­Cave: the Batu Caves are one of the most important Hindu temples in Malaysia and possibly the most fascinating one. You can reach it by climbing a stairway embedded in the calcareous rock of a mountain. Once on the top, you can enter the cave that, surprisingly, has no roof but the sky. It offers an unmatched display of lakes, huge golden statues, and echoes of religious drums. You will find it unbelievable yet memorable!


  • A wild safari on the tropical Borneo jungle

  • A visit to the Petronas Tower

  • Bird Park in Kuala Lumpur

Driving near Malaysia

With your rental car you will gain access to the farthest corners that public transportation cannot possibly reach. In the north­eastern part of Penang Island you can visit the second city of the country, called George Town. This city still bears strong colonial echoes and fascinates the tourist both at daytime and at night. Here the paramount Indian and Chinese culture have blended, offering a somehow bizarre but absolutely romantic scenario composed of little Chinese harbours interspersed with Indian iridescent markets. Another advice is to visit the Tun Sarakan Marine Park. The park’s most important jewel is Sipadan island, a tropical masterpiece where you can practice snorkeling or diving and experience one of the most captivating and shimmering seabeds in the world. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to make friend with either a giant turtle or a funny clownfish!

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