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Montenegro is a small country in the Balkans right in front of the Adriatic Sea. Its climate is characteristically Mediterranean. Montenegro is especially cherished by summer lovers: if you are part of this group, you will find that a hire car is the best way to move from one sight to the other of this impressively rich country. From Podgorica to the many national parks, through the mountain-sheltered sea-sides, renting a car in Montenegro will enable you to easily reach as many places as you like in a very short time. This is a huge plus in a country so plentiful in astounding landscapes: driving will not be a bothering digression but part of your journey. Even more so, as you will be able to use your Italian driving license: what are you waiting for? Rush to our website and discover the best offer by the most important car hire agencies active in Montenegro. Once there, you will just need to collect your car and start your Montenegro exploration.

What to do in Montenegro

Montenegro offers some of the most unique sights in the Mediterranean area. Its natural environment is of foremost level, with four National Parks. One of them, called Durmitor, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and hosts a breathtaking canyon formed by the Tara River. Tara River is perfect for kayaking and rafting in an environment so devoid of pollution that you can even drink sea water (this is one of the reasons for its being called “the tear of Europe.”) Moreover you will be surrounded by the second deepest canyon in the world, second only to Grand Canyon in the US. Not like the other rivers in Montenegro are less majestic, though! The canyon created by the Komarnica River is known as the least accessible in the world, while the Bojana River, close to Albania, is the only river in the world that flows both uphill and downhill. After so much natural exploration, we highly suggest a taste of “cevapi”, the famous lamb meat balls usually served with vegetables and caprine sauces. Best served en plein air!


  • Tara River Canyon

  • Budva beaches

  • Kotor fjord, Europe’s southernmost fjord.

Driving near Montenegro

By renting a car, visiting the sights of Montenegro will be an easy task. Our advice is to include a visit to the Kotor Fjord along with those wonderful beaches. Did we write fjord? Quite so, no jokes! Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. The city is somewhat of an open-air museum, especially for its medieval tradition, for the outstanding Sveti Trifun cathedral, and for the Clock Tower. In a few-minute drive, besides, you can reach the marvelous fjord of some 28km of width that brings many tourists to wonder whether the plane really landed in Montenegro or Scandinavia. Finally, for the nostalgic Italian souls, if you climb Mount Lovcen, in the clearest mornings you can spot the outline of Italy. No alarm, you are not far from home!

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