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Agadir was almost completely destroyed in a massive earthquake in 1960, and the current city is the result of the country’s determination to rebuild a modern city, with many building designs being a marriage of Western architecture with traditional Moroccan design. The city faces the Atlantic, which gives it a more temperate climate than some other Moroccan cities. Agadir is famed for its beaches, and most visitors will be attracted by the offer of watersports and miles of golden sand, as well as excellent cafes, and seafood restaurants. The city still has a thriving fishing port. With a majority Berber population, the first language is Berber, and many people also speak French and English. The culture of the city is more tolerant than some other tourist hotspots in Morocco, with bars located close to sacred sites, and an overall tolerant and relaxed feel. The international airport has year-round flights from the UK as well as many additional charter flights in the summer. The airport is a convenient collection point if you have arranged car rental through

Things to Do in Agadir

The focus on Agadir is on outdoors activities – swimming, watersports, surfing and golf. Sadly, the many historic buildings were destroyed in the earthquake. The Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh does have an interesting collection of Berber artefacts and musical instruments, and provides an insight into the history and culture of the Berber people. Agadir Beach offers miles of golden sand to stroll along, basking in the shallows, and surfing further out, where the large Atlantic waves offer good sport. An advantage of having arranged car rental is that you can explore all the best beaches on the nearby coastline – Taghazout Beach, to the north of Agadir, is 8 kms long, and a more peaceful location than the main city beach.

Top 3 Must See: Agadir

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    Agadir Beach

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    Taghazout Beach

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    Agadir Medina

The Agadir Medina is a glimpse into what the old city must have looked like before its destruction – a small area saved from the ruins, with a souk and cafes. Agadir Port is worth exploring for the sight of the traditional fishing boats, and excellent seafood. The Marina, close by, is a modern complex with some designer stores and music and entertainment in the evenings. Agadir, like all Moroccan cities, has a choice of traditional both houses, or Hammams, and one of the most popular with visitors is the Argan Phyto House, with a choice of spas, treatments, and massage. For something entirely different, a camel ride and invigorating gallop along the beach can be an unforgettable experience! Golfers will enjoy the 27 hole Golf de l’Ocean course, built within the dunes, with lakes and panoramic views over the sea.

Driving Around Agadir

Driving in Agadir is generally described as being much more relaxed than in many other Moroccan cities, and the grid layout and wide avenues of the modern city all help to make the visitors first experience of driving in Morocco an easy one. You can arrange car rental collection from the airport or from the company of your choice in the city. There is a new toll road to Marrakech from Agadir which provides superb views and is virtually empty of traffic. Watch out for speed traps, as they are on the increase, and local police will be strict in enforcing on-the-spot fines as well as sometimes inviting an additional contribution! Driving south on the N1 which runs parallel to the coast rewards with long stretches of beach and the Sous Massa National Park and bird reserve, a paradise for bird watchers. Agadir Airport is 19 miles from the city, on the P1714 local road which joins the N1 to turn north to Agadir.

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