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If you are dead tired of the usual European capital cities and you are looking for something new where history and nature, culture and entertainment, are perfectly intertwined, then Timisoara must be your pick. The best arrival point from Italy is the Airport of Timisoara, located some eleven kilometers from Timisoara’s city center. This major airport in Romania is furnished with all the essentials, among which there are several car rental services. Renting a car in Timisoara will be a wise move to make your travel extra-comfortable. While the city is not exceedingly big, its offer is intriguing. Especially with the help of a rental car, you can reach many of the natural and historical sites that this land so plentifully offers to its guests. On, you can compare the prices of the major car rental companies active in the Timisoara airport, namely Sixt, Budget, Enterprise, and AVIS, thus allowing you the choice over the rental car that suits you best. In a few minutes you will have reserved your car from home. Your car will be ready for collection when you arrive, avoiding any waste of time.

What to do in Timisoara

Timisoara was built on the shore of the Bega River and is the capital of the region called Banato. Timisoara is sometimes called “Little Venice,” since it is almost completely built on the water. For instance, the Cathedral was built on a swamp and sustained by five thousand oak tree logs to avoid any collapse. The pedestrian center is very beautiful, with many buildings adorned by harmonious lines, flowery decorations, and geometrical patterns. Any visit, however, should start from the main square: Victory Square hosts many elegant Baroque palaces, the majestic Metropolitan Romanian Orthodox Cathedral – with a roof made of coloured mosaic shingles that will leave you speechless – and the Memorial Museum of the 1989 Revolution that offers an interesting take on the Timisoara revolution, the first city in Romania to get rid of dictatorship. To relax out a little and sip a cup of coffee, Uniri Square is the place to go. Uniri Square is the main square of Timisoara’s old town and is also known as Union Square because of the presence of an orthodox Serbian cathedral just in front of a Catholic Cathedral. Timisoara is considered one of the best cities in Romania in terms of nightlife entertainment. Cafés and Bars are spread everywhere in the old town and their atmosphere is always very relaxing. With its European culture, Timisoara can provide a wide range of clubs ranging from rock to jazz up to the famous Opera House disco.


  • Victoria Square and its Cathedral

  • A café in the Old Town

  • Hunyad Castle

Driving near Timisoara

Renting a low-cost car in Timisoara will let you comfortably move near the city for a little more than a few euros per day. A few minutes away from the city there is the Banat Museum, an open-air reconstruction of the farms, houses and farmer’s life in the Banato region. This museum is located in an enormous natural park called Padurea Verde. If the weather is good, it is indeed worth a shot for a picnic. If you like adventure and you want to dip into the uncanny Romanian legends and myths, consider going to the Hunedoara district located in Transylvania just a few kilometers away from Timisoara. Arriving in Hunedoara from Timisoara is easy, as the E70 and E673 routes will bring you in about two hours. Here you can find the real Count Vlad’s house, Hunyad Castle, indeed not as widely known as Bran Castle (the fake Dracula’s residence) and yet worth a visit also because it is the best-preserved Gothic castle in Romania. The legend goes that here Vlad the Impaler was kept prisoner by Mattia Corvino for seven years after being captured in 1462.

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