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Renting a car in the airport of Santiago de Compostela proves the best choice for your trip. Located some sixteen kilometers from the city, it is the most important airport of all Galicia. Having a hire car allows you to explore this wonderful region and make the best out of your trip. On you can quickly and safely choose the car you like best. Then, at the airport, you can collect it without any queue. When landed, you just need to go to the desk of the chosen agency and show your reservation voucher, your driving license (in Spain, Italian license is allowed) and a credit card as a warranty. In a few minutes you will be on the road to Santiago de Compostela.

What to do in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is mainly famous in Europe as a pilgrimage site. It is currently the arrival point of the Camino de Santiago. This causes a huge touristic flow in a city which does not lack religious and cultural valuable sights. A visit to Santiago de Compostela should begin by taking a walk on the streets of the historical city center, a real maze of marble palaces which remind us of the glorious mediaeval past of the city. The cathedral, however, is astonishing in its beauty. This is primarily expressed by the façade in front of Obradoiro square. The cathedral is the arrival point of the pilgrimage. It faces a wonderful square habitually populated by pilgrims in rapture for having completed the pilgrimage. During the mass, a giant incense burner called botafumeiro oscillates on the aisle of the church. This experience is highly suggested for its mystical intense nuances. Take some time to climb on the Cathedral’s roof and glance at the city from above. In the evening, discover the delicious Galicia food in one of the restaurants spread in the city. When you are stuffed, spend some time with the pilgrims from all over the world and recover your energy by having a drink or two in one of the many bars in the streets near the Cathedral. Next morning, take a walk in one of the several parks and gardens in Santiago. Among these, Alameda Park is close to the city center and offers a wonderful panoramic viewpoint on the old city.


  • Santiago de Compostela’s Cathedral

  • Santo Domingo de Bonoval Park

  • La Coruna

Driving near Santiago de Compostela

As we said, Galicia is a vast region that deserves a thorough visit. From the Santiago de Compostela airport, you can drive for one hour to reach the Atlantic Ocean. There you will find Finisterre – meaning “the end of the earth” – which was actually considered the extremity of earth before Columbus discovered the Americas. Another must­see is La Coruna, reachable in less than an hour by AP 9 highway. La Coruna is a sea town and for this reason it has undergone many cultural influences. The city is ancient and framed in a beautiful landscape, something of a window on the Atlantic Ocean. La Coruna ranges from the calm of its seaside to the lively cosmopolitan streets of its city center. The latter is rich in pubs, restaurants, and bars, but also in museums and historical palaces. La Coruna’s most important sight is the Hercules Tower, a still- working lighthouse built in Roman times whence you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city. It totally deserves a visit.

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