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Hire a car and drive 41km north from Alicante and you'll reach Torrevieja, a coastal peach of a town on the Costa Blanca. Dating from the early 18th century, it was built as a fishing village around one of the coastal watchtowers (the name literally means 'old tower'). Tourism has improved the town's fortunes immeasurably, and Torrevieja has garnered a reputation for a handful of fine beaches, two salt lakes and a protected natural park. Twenty kilometres of coastline includes at least 20 coves and six large beaches. Still on the cusp of a wider European tourist invasions, Spanish citizens regard it as a favourite, and many own vacation homes there.

Things to do in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is lively town with two harbours and a marina promenade that wends its way around nearly one and half miles of coastline. The Habaneras is an open air, three storey shopping mall with plenty of cafes on the top floor providing stunning views towards the mountains. There are two water parks: The Aquopolis, best suited to teenagers and young adults, and the Flamingo Park which is perfect for children under the age of ten.

Top 3 Must See: Torrevieja

  • Tabarca Island

  • Walk the promenade

  • Friday market

The town centre is full of shops and restaurants, and tourists looking for culture should head to the Auditorio Conservatorio Internacional de Musica, the Centro Cultural del Carmen, the Teatro Municipal and the Palacio de la Musica. A daily boat leaves for the island of Tabarca, where you'll find snorkelling and some pleasant restaurants. Although much of Torreviejo is navigable by foot, car rental is necessary to get from the airport (either Alicante or Murcia-San Javier). Best of all is the Friday market, where you get to experience the local flavour and singularly Spanish way of conducting commerce. But be careful of clever pickpockets who often work in pairs. Keep your wits about you and your cash in front of you, and you should be fine.

Drive around Torrevieja

Situated around an hour's drive from Alicante airport, car rental is essential if your final destination is Torreveja. Having a car also leaves you with the option of leaving Torreviejo and heading down the coast to explore the region. Try for a wide selection of saloons, family 7-seaters and sportier numbers. It's best to book in advance, as car rental in Torreviejo is surprisingly thin on the ground, and you want to be sure you can pick your vehicle up when you land at the airport.

Pickup points around Torrevieja

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