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Driving in Kiev will be a lively multifaceted experience. Regardless of the direction taken, you will see different kinds of landscapes: plains, mountain ranges, huge rivers, wide valleys, and impressive hillsides. Renting a car in Ukraine is the best way to experience this and much more. On you can choose from a wide range of cars by different producers. You can find some low-cost buses as well, if you please. Renting a car in Ukraine on our website is very easy and quick, and so is the payment procedure (you can pay with any major credit card). In Ukraine you can use your Italian driving license. However, a translation in Ukrainian is always recommended.

What to do in Ukraine

Ukraine is a composite land that has been contaminated by several ethnical groups and cultures, some European and some Asian. Due to these influences, Ukraine has developed several cultural activities and entertaining spots. Hiring a car will make you decide on your own where and when to move in Ukraine. Kiev, the capital city, offers much to the tourist. Through the golden domes overlooking the Dnipro River, you can see churches, palaces, and parks absolutely worth a visit. Among the main sights, let us mention the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra galleries, Saint Sophia’s and Saint Andrew’s Churches, the Andriyivsky uzviz, the Khreshchatyk, the Hydropark, the Chornobyl Museum, and the Folk Architecture Museum. If you stay in the central part of the country you should take some time to discover its fabulous landscapes. Especially south of the Kiev, where the Polissya woods leave the way to the Podillya plains, the setting becomes interesting. However, the main attraction here is Kamyanets-Podilsky, a sort of granitic island rising on the very center of the Smotrych River natural trench, on Podillya’s southern border. Adjoined by a majestic fortress, Kamyanets-Podilsky is an outstanding place. It is a mystery that mass tourism still ignores it. Some more attractions are Uman Sofiyivka Park, an extraordinary example of landscape architecture; the tombs of the Hasidic masters in Bratslav, Berdychiv, and Uman; the city of Zhytomyr where you can visit the exceptionally famous Koryolov Cosmonaut Museum.


  • Saint Andrew’s and Saint Sophia’s Churches in Kiev

  • Uman Sofiyivka Park

  • Lviv’s ancient city center

Driving near Ukraine

In the western part of Ukraine you can see Lviv, the region’s biggest city with its 735000 inhabitants. This city is a cornerstone of Ukraine tourism because of his historical buildings and the highly open-minded entertainments. Lviv is Ukraine’s less Soviet city. This claim is demonstrated by the beauty of its old city center, rightly named UNESCO World Heritage Site. Strikingly, this city center is built on multiple layers, so that Neo-classic style has been implanted on Rococo, Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic palaces. Fortunately, in Lviv it is impossible to bump across Soviet Union obscene buildings made in concrete. Moreover, in Lviv people are very polite, in stark contrast with USSR’s austerity. We absolutely suggest exploring the city by foot, occasionally stopping over one of the several museums and taking some time off in one of the Western-looking bars. Once refreshed, you can appreciate why Lviv was surnamed the Florence of the East. Its outstanding churches are in view from Zamkova Hora, the Hill of the Castle, which is probably the best point to view the city beauties. The comfort provided by a rental car will grant you all of this and, if you want, much more.

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