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Arras is very rich in sights. Each of them guarantees an emotional moment of discovery. Walk across the city and fall in love with its history, art, and landscapes. Arles’ architecture, a mixture of modernity and tradition, will leave you dumbstruck. To better explore the city, treat yourself with an easy solution and rent a car. In this way, you will comfortably and freely explore it. Arras is one of the most populated cities in the department of Pas­de­Calais. It has been built on a bed of chalk and limestone that charms foreigners and Frenchmen alike. Among the most alluring instance of the architectural heritage of Arras, let us only mention a couple of spots: the famous Baroque squares, Les Boves, the abbey quarter, the citadel, and the art quarters. In truth, there are numberless spots that will dazzle you, out of sheer impetuosity.


  • Citadelle Vauban. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site you will discover the wonders and history of these fortifications.

  • The Museum of Fine Arts, which, from its rich storehouse, periodically exhibits plentiful collections of paintings, medieval sculptures, and ceramics.

  • Les Boves, to dive into the underground history of this exciting city.

In spite of extensive damage suffered during World War II, Arras still harbors a saucerful of historical and architectural secrets. The city has successfully managed to retain its allure because of an all­around renovating effort that enabled Arras to build its fortune on a rich well­preserved past. Because of this, the city has reached an important status. It undoubtedly deserves an extended visit. In the heart of the city you will notice many historical innuendos. For example, the old quarter includes a solid architectural landscape with prestigious eighteenth­century monuments like the Cathedral, the Abbey, the theater, and the private mansions. All these places have very special overtones to them. If you are in quest of the wonderful, reach the area where the abbey Saint­Vaast Abbey rises along with the adjacent seventh­century Cathedral. These buildings are proofs of the mediaeval nature of this town. The huge proportions of Arras’ religious buildings are evidence of both economic power and interest in spiritual matters. The richness of the city is also underlined by an ambitious cultural outlook that accompanies the historical constructions. Les Boves are tenth­century limestone quarries that grant you access to the "underground history" of Arras, in an intriguing time travel to the past Arras. Finally, for a sojourn oriented towards your cultural improvement, visit the Cité Nature located in a former factory of miners' lamps. This cultural and scientific center answers many questions regarding agriculture, nature, health, and food matters.

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