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Colmar is an open-air museum thanks to which the Alsatian tradition is faithfully conveyed to posterity. This city charms the tourist with half-timbered house, taverns, wines and “winstubs.” Colmar is part of the department of Haut-Rhin, in Alsace. Renting a car here ensures that you can freely move throughout the area. In Colmar you will fall under what we can call the “Venetian spell”. Like in Venice, flat boats are perfect to move around this city where its poetic sights will make you forget your home routine. In your trip you will view ancient mansions dating back to between the fourteenth and the seventeenth century, all perfectly renovated. So, walking through Colmar is tantamount to time travel. This outstanding city will dazzlingly captivate you with its architecture and rich historical outlook.


  • The Museum of Natural History and Ethnography. It is rich in ethnographical, mineralogical, and archaeological objects.

  • The Heads House. This venue dates back to the German Renaissance. Its name is taken by the 106 heads garnishing its façade.

  • La Route des Vins d'Alsace, with splendid wines and splendid landscapes.

Colmar’s charm is largely due to its joining urban and countryside facets. Though its past was rich and somehow contrasting, now the community has satisfactorily gelled. Colmar’s pedestrian areas are very extended, especially in the old town, so walking is in order. Which is good, since streets here are dotted by interesting sights. Two such sights are the Heads House and Pfister House, evidences of Colmar’s cultural abundance and variety. Of course, religious art is paramount here. By strolling around you will find, for instance, the Church of the Dominicans where the celebrated "Virgin at the Rosebush" is hosted; however, take also a look at the Saint Martin Collegiate, a valuable Gothic art church. The Fishmonger quay will provide for an alluring picturesque setting where nature blends with the fishermen’s activities. If you want to put your love of history and art to a test, the artworks exhibited in the Museum of Unterlinden will be an exciting challenge. This museum is one of the most prestigious in France and is extremely rich in Rhenish sculptures. Its masterpiece is the "Isenheim Altarpiece." Colmar was also hometown to Auguste Bartholdi, the famous sculptor to whom Colmar has paid homage by a museum that goes by its name. There you will explore many artworks of the Statue of Liberty sculptor. There is more than meets the eye, though, and you will also see very interesting models, paintings, statues, and busts. Wine lovers will be thrilled by the vineyard tour. As even the lesser experts may know, Colmar is the capital city of the Alsatian wine. The history of wine is here entirely intertwined with the landscapes, so our last suggestion is to savor a glass of wine while walking through this beautiful land!

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