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Samos is a Greek island just off the coast of Asia minor, in the eastern Aegean Sea. It has a long and renowned history, having been an important city state in ancient times, and the birthplace of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, the philosopher Epicurus and the astronomer Aristarchus, who first proposed that the earth revolves around the sun. It fell under Ottoman rule for a time in the 19th century until joining Greece in 1912. The island has always produced wine, famous in classical times for its fine taste, and on the fertile plain there are still many vineyards and olive groves. The principal town on Samos is Vathy, also confusingly known as Samos Town. The two mountains of Samos are very different – Kerki, the highest, which is rocky and arid, and Karvouni, green and verdant. During the summer there are direct charter flights from the UK to Samos Airport, or alternatively you can take a ferry from Thessaloniki or a transfer flight from Athens airport. The island is surrounded by sandy and shingle beaches, popular with tourists, and there are a number of coastal paths and hiking tracks in the mountains for intrepid walkers. Exploring the island by car is a delight, as you can discover some of the hidden beaches and coves that are some distance from the bus routes. Make sure that you beat the summer rush by booking car rental in Samos through ahead of your trip.

Things to Do in Samos

Vathy is an attractive starting point for exploring the island, clustered around a horseshoe shaped bay, and the main destination for ferries from the mainland and other islands. With its Venetian mansions and steep narrow streets it is a joy to wander round, and the Archaeological Museum has some fascinating exhibits, including the monumental Kouros. Crossing the mountain range to the fishing village and resort of Pythagorion, you are surrounded by history.

Top 3 Must See: Samos

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    Samos Archaeological Museum

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    Tunnel of Eupolinos

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    Psili Ammos beach

The must-see site is the Tunnel of Eupolinos, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site, and a 4,000ft long aqueduct tunnel hewn out of the rock. The Monastery of Panagania Spiliani has an exquisite little church built into a cave, and breathtaking views over the sea. Some of the best beaches on the island are to be found at Psili Ammos, with good tavernas nearby and a clear view of the Turkish coast, and Kerveli, a tranquil spot surrounded by cypress trees. The Temple of Hera is a large archaeological site with walls tumbling down to the sea below, and some remaining pillars and statues. For a romantic spot, little can beat Kastro, a small Venetian fort and castle above the beach at Pythagorion.

Driving Around Samos

When booking your car rental, make sure that you choose a 4x4 which will give you access to the mountain tracks and unsurfaced roads on the island. The one major road on Samos encircles the island, and if you arrive by plane the village of Pythagorion is close by, and Vathy a 12 mile scenic drive over the mountains. Traffic is light, with the main hazard sometimes being other tourists, but take extra care when travelling on the narrow and winding mountain routes.

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