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Marmaris is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Turkey, and its position – tucked into a horseshoe shaped bay between mountain ranges – make that unsurprising. Starting life as a small fishing village, it expanded rapidly in the 1980s, with the construction of numerous hotels and villas. In ancient times the strategic position of the town made it attractive to Greek invaders, led by Alexander the Great, and later to the Ottoman sultans, and the castle built by the Ottomans still stands. In 1798 the Bay of Marmaris also witnessed the entire English fleet at anchor, pausing on its way to victory over the French fleet in a battle off the coast of Egypt. The city is still a popular stop-over point for yachtsmen and cruising boats, and offers a range of water sports to the enthusiast. The nearest international airport, served by both charter and scheduled flights, is Dalaman, an hour’s drive away. Many visitors choose to rent a car for their visit to give them the freedom to explore the region, and to avoid the cost of taxis to and from the airport. Find the best value deals on offer with

Things to Do in Marmaris

Marmaris is a great centre for families, offering the attractions of sun and sea as well as good cafes and restaurants, and interesting museums and archaeological sites to visit. A must is to take a boat tour of the bay, stopping off at Paradise Island, only accessible by boat. Walk along the beach pathway to Marmaris Marina, a hive of activity, with every variety of boat coming and going and a range of restaurants and shops. Marmaris Castle is sited on the hills above the marina, and as well as offering extraordinary views over the bay, it also has an interesting museum and galleries.

Top 3 Must See: Marmaris

  • Paradise Island

  • Marmaris Castle

  • Marmaris Grand Bazaar

Scuba diving enthusiasts are catered for with fifty-two diving locations in and around Marmaris, the most famous being the Baca or Chimney Cave in Marmaris. A trip to Marmaris Grand Bazaar in Carsi Market in the central area is a must for visitors, although be prepared to haggle to get the best bargains. For a wild night out, Bar Street is literally that – a street lined with bars where you can party the night away. Some bars just offer drinks, while others have live music or DJs. And for sun lovers, one of the most outstanding beaches in the area lies a 12 mile drive from Marmaris – Cleopatra Beach on Sedir Island. The fine white sand of the beach is so treasured that there are strict rules in place to make sure that no-one is tempted to take any away with them!

Driving Around Marmaris

Driving in any town in Turkey takes some getting used to. Turkish drivers are fast and impatient, and don’t always observe the rules of the road. Key advice is to drive defensively, and keep a keen eye out for unexpected hazards. Expats report that once you are used to the different style of driving, it can be quite fun! The beauty of the countryside and coast surrounding Marmaris makes it really rewarding to explore beyond the city. The D400 is the road that you need to know about – it skirts the city and leads down to the stunning Datça Peninsula to the west, and Lake Köyceğiz and Dalaman Airport to the east.

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