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Dalaman is the name of the district situated on the southwest coast of Turkey, between Marmaris and Fethiye, as well as the main town of the district. Dalaman is also known as Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, for the exquisite colour and clarity of the sea, and the long stretches of pale gold beaches. The international airport is situated on the coastal plain, and serves the major resorts of Marmaris and Fethiye. Whilst many people head straight for the coast on arrival, the small town of Dalaman is a great base for exploring the less well-known attractions of the area. As well as the deeply indented coastline there are a number of beautiful inland lagoons, and the thermal baths and spas are a well-known feature of the region. Northwest of the town of Dalaman is one of the largest and most picturesque inland lakes in Turkey, Köyceğiz, and south of the lake, near Dalyan is the site where St Nicholas, the original Father Christmas, is supposed to have presided as bishop.

Things to Do in Dalaman

For visitors to the region, the best plan is to arrange car rental in Dalaman through, and collect your rental car on arrival at the airport. Public transport is erratic and the alternative choice is to hire taxis, which can be expensive. The town of Dalaman itself is a pleasant small market town with not a great deal to see, but the region offers endless attractions, from some of the best beaches in Turkey to mountain hikes and thermal spas. Sultaniye Thermal Spa in the village of Sultaniye near Köyceğiz is one of the most popular of the spas around the lake, and for a real adventure try one of the famous mud baths of Dalyan.

Top 3 Must See: Dalaman

  • Köyceğiz Lake

  • Ekincik

  • Babadan Mountain, Ovacik

The town of Köyceğiz offers a base for explorations of the breathtakingly beautiful shores of the lake, while heading to the coast, there are numerous coves and beaches to explore. Picturesque Sarsala Cove, a twenty minute drive from Dalaman, is a popular mooring point for boats and yachts, and an ideal spot for swimming and picnics. Ekincik is another of the many small coastal villages on the coast which is worth visiting, with its pretty beach surrounded by pines. For lovers of wildlife the sight of the loggerhead turtles that come ashore at Iztuzu Beach near Dalyan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the really adventurous, paragliding off Babadan Mountain above Ovacik is unforgettable, giving views over the turquoise sea and mountains, while for those who want to keep their feet on the ground there are a number of hiking trails in the area. Explore the almost untouched ancient ruins on the Kapda Peninsula at Kyra, Lissia and Lydia.

Driving Around Dalaman

The D400 is the main road in the area that leads from Dalaman Airport to Köyceğiz in the west and Fethiye to the south-east. The scenery along the coast road and in the mountains is spectacular, and advice to drivers is not to get distracted, as driving in Turkey can present its own challenges. Local advice is to watch out for people stopping unexpectedly or turning without signalling as well as the usual hazards of rural roads such as tractors and overladen trucks. But driving in rural areas is much less demanding than in the major cities. Make sure that you always have your UK driving license and passport with you when you are driving.

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