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Verona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Italy, and has been awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO. The airport is conveniently close to the city, a 15 minute drive away, and arranging car rental ahead of your trip will give you the freedom to explore not only the city but also the wider region, including Lake Garda, Brescia, and the Italian Alps. The city is built along the Vedige River, and has some of the most impressive Roman buildings outside Rome itself, with a large amphitheatre and theatre, and the Ponte di Pietra being the main attractions. There is a feast of Romanesque and Baroque church architecture to explore, and Verona hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, some held in the Roman amphitheatre. The Teatro Filarmonica has a year round programme of opera and concerts, and in the summer the famous Verona Festival of Opera takes place in the Roman theatre, an unforgettable experience.

Things to Do in Verona

In the heart of Verona’s historic centre, the Piazza della Erbe is surrounded by medieval buildings and towers, with at its centre a Roman statue and 14th century fountain – in fact statues abound in Verona. Close to the Piazza della Erbe is the Piazza dei Signori, surrounded by statues of the great and the good of many centuries ago, and in the centre of the square a statue of Dante. The Roman Theatre and the Arena are both a must on any visitor’s list with the Arena being the third largest in Italy. Another extremely popular site is the 13th century house which supposedly belonged to Juliet’s family, and you can see “Juliet’s balcony”, from which she exchanged vows with Romeo.

Top 3 Must See: Verona

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    Roman Arena

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    Piazza della Erbe

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    Juliet’s House

For the energetic, climbing the medieval Lamberti bell-tower gives wonderful views across the city. Standing on the 2,000 year old Ponte di Pietra on a summer evening is an amazing experience, and provides wonderful vistas of the river and the old houses of the city. Although the original castle of the Piazzale Castel San Petro was demolished by the Austrians and the French, the site of the ruins si still worth the climb, for the panoramic views of the ancient city walls, the church domes and spires, and the Roman arena. A relatively hidden gem is the Chiesa di San fermo, with its Romanesque section dating back to the 700s, and beautifully delicate frescoes.

Drive Around Verona

If you are planning to fly to Verona then the most convenient collection point for your car rental will be Verona Airport. Browsing will give you a full range of price and vehicle choices. From the airport there is a brief stretch of motorway to the turn-off for the city. To the west of Verona the autostrada going north to south (A22) and the east to west A4 intersect, giving you great access to the region in all directions. Whereas you pay tolls on the motorways, travelling on the state roads (or SS roads) is free, but you may find it more complicated at first to navigate your way around. Visitors are advised to avoid driving right into the centre of Verona, as the streets are often very busy, and parking can be hard to find.

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