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Olbia is the main gateway in Sardinia to access the Costa Smeralda. Well-known and posh tourist resorts such as Porto Rotondo and Portisco are equipped with facilities that make them very important tourist attractions for the whole island. The city is crossed by a ring made of a system of platforms, tunnels and traffic circles that make it easy to get around it by car. That's why you should get a rental car: you’ll discover all the treasures of Olbia while you’ll be comfortably sitting in your new and shiny car new and shiny!

Things to do in Olbia

Olbia is the main reference point of the north eastern coast of Sardinia, as the amazing Costa Smeralda, the Archipelago of Maddalena and Santa Teresa di Gallura. This area is also equipped with many marinas, among which the most important are Olbia, Porto Rotondo, Poltu Quadu and Marina of Olbia. The Port Isola Bianca ensures daily links with the Peninsula as it is only 300 meters away from it.

Top 3 Must See:

  • Dive into the waters of Cinta Beaches

  • Visit the Basilica of St. Simplicio

  • Reach Isola Rossa (The Red Island)

Drive Around Olbia

While in Sardinia it will therefore be useful to have your own car, and Olbia is the starting point for a fantastic holiday! Only 136 km separate it from Alghero, 18 from Orange Tree Golf, 44 from Temple Pausanias and 119 from Porto Torres. For a swim in the beautiful waters of Sardinia all take place on the beaches of Cugnana, Rena White, Race de Juncu, Marinella. In Pittolungu district it will be possible to visit the beaches of Bados, Mare e Rocce and Pellicano Beach. Hiring a car in Olbia will be convenient to reach the Padrongianus River Park, the marine protected area of Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo Cape Monte Pinu, Monte and Monte Plebi Cugnana. And don’t forget the Sardinian nightlife, which is an essential part of the holiday in the Costa Smeralda. Clubs like The Billionnaire made the history of the emerald nights, with disco music, champagne and lots of fun. Book your car on GoCarRental.com and don’t miss a single moment of this fun!

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